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Ethan Fox Miles - Why Nomadic?
Because I am. I have been for quite some time.
I’ve always wanted to roam the earth, having no attachments, having the freedom to go anywhere and I’ve managed to do that, in many ways.
My travels have taken me to more than 40 countries, and I’ve resided in about a dozen (so far), some for a matter of years, others a few months.
Growing up in Israel, to Canadian/American parents, as soon as I discharged from the Army, I set out on my big adventure, which saw me return to the U.S, and from there to New Zealand, Australian, Southeast Asia, India and China. I then returned, nearly 3 years later to the U.S and moved to Canada in order to secure a work visa for the UK, to which I moved and lived in for 2 years, while traveling about Europe, be it Eastern, Western, anywhere I can get to. Afterwards, I returned to Israel and traveled it and Jordan, and again, returned to the U.S, this time to apply for another European work visa.  Since January of this year, I have been residing in the majestic island that is Ireland.


I never stop traveling, or moving for that matter. Hyperactive, yes, but much less so. I move around, because of a sense of exploration, of wonder. This world is a beautiful place.

Like the fox, roaming his surrounding, I travel about and around looking for moments of connection and clarity.
My roots are inside me, my joy is within and I’m not my country or any country I’m a citizen of. I aim to live without labels, just as I am.

I'm non technical and don't care about rules.
I see it, I feel it, I aim to seize that moment.
Photography is my medium of emotion, I see it all in pictures it's from the heart that I aim to share.When it comes to photography, I look for a connection, a transformation of sorts.
Unstaged, unbiased, without prejudice. As it is. Bare. Raw. There.
I seek that moment within me. Being in the moment, frozen in time, and that moment, as I press the camera shutter, is that connection.
With any subject, be it a person, animal, a place, a thing I aim to convey that connection and desire to say as little as possible about my pictures, rather, share with the viewer that moment
that feeling I had. As it is.
It is therefore up to the viewer to decide whether he/she like that captured moment and understand my intention and by doing so, connecting with me through the image.
I hope you all enjoy the work and my website.

About My Work

My work has been out there….
It is my dream to be able to solely live off this passion of mine. This sharing. To have the freedom to roam the earth in search of moments of connection and emotion.
Hosted 2 exhibitions on Whidbey Island, USA
July 2010 Freeland public Library
August 2010 Bayview Corner Hub
*Selected as one of a dozen pictures of the day by National Geographic’s website, Daily Dozen 2010
*Footprints travel magazine, Canada photo contest finalist November 2010
*Published 4 photo books through Blurb.com -Australia, Tibet, Thailand and Cambodia.
I’ve also had the fortune to cover various events along my travels.

More traveling to come, stay tuned!